Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 45 Subbed

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 45 Subbed

Boruto naruto next generation episode 45
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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 45: Memories From The Day Of Snow

The genin aren’t even allowed to engage them, which many of us have found incredibly disappointing.

It’s also strange that such a restriction has been handed down to them, especially with the previous generation going up against opponents who were a lot more dangerous than these thieves.

Despite the restrictions, the Konoha genin have rebelled and are still trying to take them on, although, even with their incredible talent; the genin are still losing.

However, it seems as if things might change in episode 45 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations, with Shikadai figuring out that his friend is a member of the thieves.

According to the preview for next weeks episode, Shikadai will finally win a Shogi match and reveal the identity of the gangs youngest member.