boruto naruto next generation episode 43

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 43 Subbed

Boruto naruto next generation episode 43
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Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 43 : Byakuya Gang Surface

The young boy of Shikamaru is very much like his father and it seems as if Shikamaru is teaching his son to be a tactician, just as he and his father were.This is evident as there is a scene in the preview for the episode where the two are playing Shogi, a game where Shikamaru learned a lot abut battle tactics.It seems as if the two are trying to find the identity of a new threat to Konoha, a gand that calls themselves the Byakuya Gang.Yes, this does sound a lot like the word Byakugan, which to me indicates that the members of this gang could be Hyuga clan members.In addition, the new team 7 will be mixed up in this gang battle as well, however, it seems as if they will struggle,as the preview showcases them trapped in an ice jutsu.

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