boruto naruto next generation episode 32

Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 32 Subbed

Boruto naruto next generation episode 32

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 Boruto Naruto Next Generation Episode 32 : “Title”

In episode 32 we will get to see what Chojuro, the current Mizukage, will choose to do with the young rebellious group.

The main focus will probably be on Shizuma and Kagura, with Chojuro having such high hopes for the grandson of Yagura and Shizuma being unveiled to have murdered countless innocent people who didn’t agree with his views.

Meanwhile, the Konoha students will return to their village and Boruto will discover that he forgot something very important, well; maybe not too important but it will be the key focus of the episode next week.

When Boruto first left the village he promised his sister that he would buy her a souvenir, however; he forgot and now needs to find something urgently or she won’t be too happy.