boruto episode 59

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 59 Subbed

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Boruto Episode 59 : “Boruto vs Shikadai”

We already saw round 1, and we had a lot of interesting fights to seem we began with Boruto Uzumaki vs Yurui and Boruto won by cheating. Then Shikadai defeated Yodo of Sunagakure, followed by a 3-second victory of Sarada Uchiha over Tarui of Kumogakure. Inojin was the first Konoha member to lose, and after him Mitsuki faced off against Toroi. We almost saw Mitsuki using Sage Mode, but he didn’t. Mitsuki won the round and now we have Chocho vs Shinki on our hands. Boruto Episode 59 will give us the final battle of the first round, and Chocho will try to beat Shinki of Sunagakure. It isn’t a surprise that she’ll lose this fight. However, I don’t think she’ll lose as easily as she did in the anime and the manga. Boruto Uzumaki follows next and he will fight against Shikadai Nara. This will be the focus of the next episode. Boruto Uzumaki will cheat against Shikadai Nara once again and this fight will be very interesting to watch because of all the action.