boruto episode 47

Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 47 Subbed

Boruto episode 47

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Boruto Episode 47: “The figure I want to be”

Boruto episode 47 of Boruto Naruto Next Generations, we will see this battle commence and it should be a tough one, as the dangerous ninja’s look miles above the Konoha Genin.However, we had a hint in the dying minutes of episode 46 that Naruto could join the battle, yet that is still unconfirmed.What we do know if that Shikadai will attempt to bring his new found friend in Ryogi to his side, as he knows that Ryogi has a kind heart.It will be a very tough battle, as both the Byakya Gang members wield dangerous jutsu’s, especially with Shikadai holding back in an attempt to convert his Shogi partner.It’s likely that we will soon also find out the true intentions of Gekko, with us assuming that he had something to do with Ryogi’s parent’s deaths, however, that is still just a theory.Either way, we know that Gekko is using Ryogi for his personal gains and that this needs to be revealed to Ryogi for Shikadai to be successful.